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DDC-M 80 SS; SG 3", VC 75-3, Elaflon FEP 75

Epoxy resin loading with Dry Disconnect Coupling, sight glass and FEP universal hose

Elapharm EPH 25 with EN 1092-1flange fitting, free of dead spaces

ZVF 50 UL91 overwing refuelling

UL 91: new unleaded aviation fuel - identification colour green

ZVA Slimline 2 GR, guard no 3, red, Coax hose assembly with Colour Sleeve red

Ship loading with chemicals

UTS 150 hose assembly, ARK-S Safety Break Coupling

FFC 50.16 SS

Fixed flange hose fitting of stainless steel, with Spannloc clamps

ERV-G 150.TW, ERV-G 80.TW

Aircraft refueller

Hose assemblies with flange / Dry Disconnect Coupling / threaded fitting

Hose assembly TW 63 with VX 63-11/2" and DDC-M 65 Al

TW hose with Dry Disconnect Coupling

Manufacturing warm forged parts

Example SC 150 Spannloc clamp

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30: optional Magnet in the guard

For contactless activation of dispensers with reed switch technology

ZVA "LT" nozzles

Low Temperature type -40° C for cold regions

Chains K 160, K 160 SS, K 180 L, K 200, K 200 SS, K 260 L, K 300, K 300 SS, K 360, K 360 SS

Connection between coupling and dust cap / plug

RS 2 x 3 SS

Reducer Female/Male

Connection road tanker to trailer: LTW hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

Ship bunkering with LNG

Coupling of DCC male and female part DN 50; left hand side CBC 50 Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

Equipment truck for dangerous goods accidents, Elaflon PTFE universal hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

IBC unloading

Coupling of Chemopal chemical hose assembly with AMKC 50 SS (Camlock female with Spannloc attachment) to AMKI male coupling. Use of IBC-adapter RS 60 x 2 SS.

MK-A 80 SS, TW female coupler with Active Safeguard Lever

connected: hose assembly with VKX 75.80 SS

Hot stamping process, TW coupling part

ZVA Slimline 2 LA (with LeverAssist)

LeverAssist hold-open aid for comfortable refuelling, for countries in which latching is not allowed

Elaflex Hamburg

ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

ZVA long term testing


Tied Flanges – Type ZS, Tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings

MK-A 80 SS

MK 80 SS with active safeguard lever

Vehicle refuelling with LPG (L.P. Gas, Autogas)


Hose assemblies for LPG

with flange connection, ACME connection, NPT thread

Dantec Production hose

Composite hoses: crimping of a flanged hose coupling

GasGuard GG11R

The GasGuard GG11 Back-Check Valve ( GG11R: with additional release screw ) should be standard equipment for any LPGas road tanker operator. It is used in conjunction with LPGas bulk refueling nozzles to contain leaks at storage tank fill points. If the fill point proves to be leaking when removing the nozzle it can be left on the tank until corrective action is taken. The driver can move to the next fill point without delay.

PSB Pump Safety Break for High Hose Dispensers