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Flange with male thread, stainless steel

FGN 80-3" SS, MK 80-32° Ms, VKX 80 Ms

Special type with bent lever of the TW coupling. The lever is bent to enable lever arrest (safe position when coupled)

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling Coax hoses

UTS hose assembly

Colour production plant

DDC-M 50-2" SS

MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling, DN 50, stainless steel

ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Automatic nozzle with vapour recovery, flowrate up to 45 l / min.

Elaflex Hamburg

Manufacturing bronze corrugated pipes

Road tanker reel with HD 50 hose assembly, ZV 500 nozzle

HD 10 C sensing hose

Use as sensing hose for aircraft dispensers (hydrant dispensers)

Ship bunkering

FHD hose assemblies

Sand casted products to your design

In our modern foundry we can produce complex sand casted aluminium, bronze and gunmetal products to your requirements.

Nozzle boot NB-ZVF 50

for ZVF 50 Oberflügel-Zapfventile

Integrated Diesel Drip Catcher for ZVA Slimline 2

DGC-V 50 F SS for L.P. Gas, PN 25/40

Dry Disconnect Coupling with flange connection, DN 50, stainless steel, with rubber dust cap

ERV Rubber Expansion Joints

Picture 2

Polypal Plus 50 universal hose

with SFC 50 SS / SS hose flange (hose tail, swiveling flange and Spannloc clamps of stainless steel)

Oasis CNG refuelling equipment:

Ultra Fast Fill System (Diagram, German)

RMX 32 SS / SS

Spannloc threaded hose coupling with foodstuff thread / Spannloc of stainless steel

Ship bunkering with LNG

DCC Dry Cryogenic Coupling with cap; CBC Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Manufacturing of turned parts

TSG 3" Rg

tank truck sight glass type TSG 3", one end TW tank truck fl ange according to DIN 28459, other end male thread

Slimline quality dispensing hoses for the forecourt

black - yellow - red - blue - green - special colours

Elaflex Hamburg

Elaflex stock ERV

Construction site / on site refuelling:

ZVA 32 (automatic nozzle), road tanker

Oasis DMI Dispenser Manifold for CNG

Terminal / gantry: TW hose assemblies for bottom loading of road tankers

ZVA Slimline 2, black, guard 3 - detail view with new hold-open latch

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942 standard, direct print on product badges for ZVA Nozzles

Picture 2

KWZ x MK 80-32°

Rail car adapter with TW coupler, bent lever

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Adapter Rail Tanker Dischharge Coupling KWK SS/Vi x VK 50 SS/Vi