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Delivery to petrol station tank (offset filling point) from the road tanker

LTX 80 hose assembly for gravity discharge, GPS 50 for vapour recovery (balance System, Stage I)

HB hot bitumen hose

'Brown Band', for filling of hot bitumen and heavy fuel oil. Temperature range - 25° to max. + 200° C. Meets EN 13482.

MKC 75.80 SS

TW female two-part coupler, stainless steel

Section view of a CSB 21 COAX Safety Break

BD 63 Hose Beads

to EI 1522 standard - notably improve handling as they reduce friction against the tarmac. They additionally protect against hose abrasion. 'BD' Hose Beads are highly break resistant, contain no bolts or nuts, can be easily assembled or disassembled and are suitable for reeling.

IBC unloading

Female hose coupling MC 38-S60 SS (with Spannfix clamps) and LMS solvent hose. Direct connection of a hose assembly to the IBC.

L.P. Gas rail tanker

loading and unloading with DGC Dry Gas Couplings, LPG hose assemblies.
Vehicle side: DGC-V male couplings with flange

ZVG 2 K (Korea)

front view

Elaflex Hamburg

Cutting area for dispensing hose

Elapharm EPH 25 OHM-G

ELAPHARM OHM G electrically conductive 'Ω / T', light grey cover. Corresponds to DIN 26055-3 / EN 16820, Type A. FDA conform. Homogeneous elastomer hose construction with smooth, black Teflon® PTFE liner.

TW 38 "Zebra" hose assembly

HIFR helicopter refuelling, Denmark

ERV-G 100.16 SS TA

Yellow Band Rubber Expansion Joint
PTFE lining

Camlock couplings:

stainless steel female and male couplings to EN 14420 - 7

Equipment truck for dangerous goods accidents, Elaflon PTFE universal hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling


"Orange Band" Rubber Expansion Joints, road tanker

Helicopter Refuelling

ZVF 40, HD-C

LeverAssist hold-open aid for ZVA Slimline 2 nozzles

Rail car adapter type KWZ, one end with rail car thread 5½, other end 3" male BSP

Flexible bronze pipe connectors

Installed in manhole of a petrol station underground storage tank (UST). Suction pipes towards the dispenser pumps

Hose assembly for petroleum based products

LTW 75, VC 75-3", DDC-M 80-3"

ZV 500

High performance manual operated dispensing nozzle with 'TW' coupling MK 50 for Diesel, fuel, oils, petroleum

ERV-G ... TW

Aircraft refueller

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.


Flange with male thread, stainless steel

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942 for ZVA Nozzles

Type EK FGI - attach with Product Badge EK 145

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling cell dispensing hoses

RN 2 x 3 SS

Reducing nipple

DDC-M 80-3" Ms

MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling, DN 80, gunmetal


Hose coupling with female foodstuff thread and Spannloc clamps

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG1DN

suited for use by the general public and untrained personell ( self service ). Patented dual nose piece for added safety. Low lever actuation force. Gas release volume on valve closure : 1.7 cm³.